Empowering women to transcend the limits of society and build themselves a better future.

Women Going Beyond is an NGO created to empower girls by teaching them English, computer and technology skills, and business/entrepreneurship courses in the rural areas of South East Asia. We want to close the gender gap that is ever so present in South East Asia and to prevent young women from entering the ring of human trafficking and prostitution.

Our mission is to teach life skills, provide self-development tools, inspire women and instill innovation in rural areas.

We want a gender equal society where women feel empowered.

Open-mindedness, altruism, courage, compassion, belief in the potential of people, transformation and women empowerment​.

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“Cambodian children face greater difficulty in the pursuit of a higher level of education, because secondary schools are in less than 10% of the villages. Only 5.4% of Cambodian villages have a lower secondary school and only 2% of them have an upper secondary school.”

Help empower young women.

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73% Project expenditure

10% Fundraising

9% Administration

8% Marketing

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