A Look Forward 2021-2022

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

At WGB we, like so many others, keenly felt the impact of the pandemic during 2020 as a real threat to our ability to help women and girls in Cambodia. With the turn of a new year, this provides us with moments of reflection but also moments of hope to look forward to the next 12 months and what we want to achieve.

We firmly believe that education is the true pathway to achieving societal change and creating a better world for women, and through that also men, with equal opportunities. Our commitment is to creating lasting opportunities for women both in Cambodia and south-east Asia, teaching them valuable professional and life skills to aid in their self-development. One of our goals through this is to bring innovation for people who live in rural areas, where the World Bank estimate 76% of the population live but many struggle to get access to good schooling.

Women and girls also face a number of challenges to continuing their education, facing discrimination and pressure so that the job of raising a family is their only option, preventing personal development and, much less, professional development. To all this, it must be added that trafficking and violence against women and children also happens with dangerous frequency.

A considerable challenge has been providing access to courses for a population that has limited access to internet. However, in a survey we conducted on 50 female students 72% said they had access to the internet through a smartphone, with 44% saying they used it daily. This provided an opportunity to provide courses that can be taken through an app on a mobile phone and even downloaded to work offline. By 2022, we hope to have a considerable pool of up to 100 students able to access the platform.

Much work still remains to be done, and under significant global uncertainty. Every woman and girl we can help represents a step forward, which is why each donation, no matter how small, matters. Help us to help young women in south-east Asia to thrive and prosper in 2021.

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