How does my donation to WGB help empower young girls in south-east Asia?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

In rural communities of Cambodia, 50% of young women are illiterate. This prevents them from escaping the cycle of violence and injustice that surrounds them. Empowering these young girls, through education can help them build a brighter future.

At Women Going Beyond, we have created an online learning platform that allows women in south-east Asia to access professional-skills courses. These courses are available through a mobile app and are accessible offline. This is essential for young women in rural areas with limited internet.

100% of donations made to Women Going Beyond go towards giving young women in south-east Asia the tools and resources to develop their personal and professional skills.

As a non-profit NGO, we rely on donations. Our mission is to plant seeds of change in rural south-east Asia to help change the mindset of women and men to allow women to have equal opportunities. Bringing about education and social change in south-east Asia means these women can pursue better jobs and attain financial freedom. Without this, there is a high risk they become victims of abuse, enter into human trafficking, become a child bride or be forced into prostitution.

With your donations to Women Going Beyond we can...

  • Increase the number of courses on our platform

  • Invest in training materials (books, computers, school supplies)

  • Seek new training opportunities

  • Get new translations

  • Obtain new platform licenses to get more girls enrolled

  • Increase investment in public relations

  • Hire more educators

  • Connect with more people to get these women into employment

In 2019, WGB helped over 25 young women gain skills for future employment.

Our online platform provided these girls with courses to obtain financial, literacy and vocational skills. Financial courses are important to teach young women to manage their own resources and be self-sufficient. The literacy courses teach them to develop their communication, critical and creative skills. This is essential for them to integrate and navigate a male dominant society. Many of these young women lack self-esteem and need help in finding their own voice. Vocational English courses teach them how to communicate with native and non-native speakers in the workplace. In a place where women are not seen as equals, these skills are fundamental for their future.

With a 10€ donation, we can give employment, financial and English skills training to 2 girls, as well as assistance to help them find a job. With 100€, we can give the same training to 20 girls. Every single donation made to WGB can make a huge difference to the lives of these young girls, and a small amount goes a long way.

Without education, young girls in south-east Asia face a cruel future. Empowering these young women is their only escape.

Donate to WGB today and be a part of societal change. Help us, help young women in south-east Asia to thrive and prosper.

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