Ipsita Divedi: Artwork as a Force for Change

I am Ipsita, a feminist illustrator, currently based and brought up in New Delhi. I am currently freelancing with different feminist organisations and working on some new projects. I did my Masters in Gender and Development in University of Sussex and also have an undergrad degree in Political Science from University of Delhi.

Tell me a little bit about your work as a feminist illustrator. Have you always been interested in the arts? What sparked your interest in these particular areas of sexuality, politics, and power?

So, I have been freelancing for over a year and working with different feminist and international development organisations such as ActionAid UK, Gender at Work, United Nations Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI), Arrow, etc.. My interaction with feminism really changed my worldview. As a political science undergrad, I started understanding the role of politics and gender in our daily lives. This inspired me to turn my art into a purpose and a direction. I am inspired by feminists all over the world, their resilience and strength to challenge the power structures. One of my projects, Colours of Protests pays tribute to all the efforts of women all over the world in spearheading social movements to bring about meaningful change. I, however, am very aware of my standpoint and I do not wish to appropriate any movement or struggle, thus my work is more of a celebration of these victories over patriarchal institutions.