Women Going Beyond (WGB) is an NGO   created to empower women in rural areas of SouthEast Asia (Cambodia), by teaching them essential employment and self-development skills

Our goal is to give young women in rural areas of South East Asia self and professional development skills in order to increase women empowerment and for these women to have successful lives.

Our story

Women going Beyond is an NGO founded by Alexis Alcalá (founder of InnerCamp community).

Alexis stumbled upon his inspiration to create WGB while working as a life coach in Asia. The more time that he spent there, the more that he found the ever increasing gender equality gap that was prevalent in this part of the world. Seeing the reality of this situation firsthand encouraged him to brainstorm ways that he could help bring about a change to this problem. 


As he began to develop WGB, he decided to choose Cambodia as the organization’s first target country because of the striking prevalence of this gender gap in rural Cambodian areas. 

With a gender inequality ranking of #93 in the world, according to the World Economic Forum, Cambodia is not a place that allows women to grow as individuals and create better lives for themselves.

Young women are not encouraged to attend school and instead often become victims of human trafficking and prostitution because of their limited options. 


Alexis realized that women in South East Asia do not have many of the same opportunities for good careers, which could help break this cycle of injustice towards women in this country. 

Women Going Beyond (WGB) is an NGO   created to empower women in rural areas of SouthEast Asia (Cambodia), by teaching them essential employment and self-development skills. Our mission is to plant seeds of change in Cambodia.

Plant seeds of change in South East Asia—not only in the minds of the women there, but also in the minds of the men and parents who do not allow these women to flourish as people. 

Women Going Beyond (WGB) is an NGO   created to empower women in rural areas of SouthEast Asia (Cambodia), by teaching them essential employment and self-development skills

Give these women the tools and resources to do that, to understand that they should and will have the opportunities that they lack. That they can escape the cycle of violence and injustice that surrounds them and find a better life through the development of their own skills and talents. 

Executive director

Alexis is the founder of InnerCamp, a community to help its users rediscover and harness the wellness within them. He is also a life coach who teaches people how to tap into their flow of positive energy through what he deems the InnerCamp approach. 


Alexis’ work revolves around the guidance of people through their life struggles so naturally, he wanted to look for another way to do this. He found his answer with starting Women Going Beyond. With this organization, he hopes to continue his legacy of giving back but on a grander scale. He wants to bring empowerment and opportunites to the women of South East Asia. 

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Alexis Alcalá

Our team

"All women should have the power to embrace who they are, define their future and change the world"


Sreimom Sok

Cambodia project coordinator

Sreimom lives in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and she graduated from Thailand University, under the major of Education. Now she is helping leading on behalf of Women Going Beyond in her home country. 


She loves working with children, teenagers, specially help educating young ladies about self-worth and identity and encourage them to stand up for their beliefs. She believes that her society needs a lot of young ladies who never give up on their dream and who also believe that they are capable and they can make a change and a positive impact on their community.


Alison Geldart

English teacher & online course writer

Alison is a writer, editor and English teacher from the UK. She lives in Barcelona, Spain, loves going to the cinema and learning new things. At the moment, Alison’s creating some of our vocational English courses.


“I got involved with Women Going Beyond to find a new outlet for my skills. I’m so pleased to have a small part in improving someone’s life, helping these young women learn and develop. And it’s also really nice to be working with a team, some great people I might not otherwise have met.”

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Kayleigh Maria Padden

Online course writer

Kayleigh is an English writer living in Spain with a background in sales and technical support. As per her own statement, tea runs in her veins and if she could pet every dog in the world, she would.


While doing a wonderful job creating the content for our courses in a very unique, interesting and funny manner, Kayleigh believes that writing a few words about herself is definitely one of the hardest writing tasks.

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Elena Valero Cano

Online course writer

Elena graduated as an Audiovisual Communicator at Universidad de Sevilla and continued her career with different studies about Social Media and Marketing, though her true passion is activism. She is a loud advocate for equality and human rights and she's glad to provide help and contribute to the world with Women Going Beyond.


Emily Newcombe

English teacher, social media specialist, and content writer

Emily is originally from New Zealand but has been living in the south of Spain for several years. She has a degree in Media Studies, a qualification in teaching English and a Postgraduate Certificate in International Education. As an experienced teacher who has worked in a variety of settings, she strongly believes that access to education is a fundamental human right and that it is a key element in making the world a better place. For Emily, empathy, kindness and positivity are also important values which she transmits in all areas of her life. She is passionate about helping people and advocating for women’s rights which is what led her to join Women Going Beyond. As a keen traveler who loves engaging with other cultures, she feels inspired to make a positive impact in countries where the female population is unfairly disadvantaged.


Anamaria Pânzaru

Project manager

Anamaria believes in helping others and volunteering is one of her favorite activities. She believes that this world is a wonderful place and we can all work together to make it a better place. A small act of kindness can change someone's life in a heart beat and it's amazing how beautiful souls come together to make things possible. Helping others is definitely the ideal job for Anamaria and she loves doing it every day at InnerCamp and Women Going Beyond. She feels grateful, blessed, and inspired to be a part of the team.

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Millie Cox

Online course writer

Millie is a 3rd year linguist (French and Spanish) at Durham University. She is extremely passionate about sports, and plays a lot of netball. She is really enjoying working with WGB and is currently creating a social media course to improve the young women's understanding of this area.

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Jennifer Sovey

Graphic designer & illustrator

Jennifer is a graphic designer and illustrator based in New York City.


Alyssa Boicel

Online course writer

Alyssa is a strong advocate of mentorship for young women. Coming from the startup world working in Trust & Safety, she has dedicated her time to sharing her experiences and techniques that led her to the job of her dreams. She believes that everyone deserves a chance to tell their story, be included in the conversation, and be championed.

“Diversity is what makes us unique as individuals. One group cannot be better than the other. We all benefit when the knowledge that is shared to the weakest individual empowers them to be the strongest. No person can say they succeeded alone. We all need support, positive encouragement, and drive in order to be truly successful.”

Women Going Beyond (WGB) is an NGO   created to empower women in rural areas of SouthEast Asia (Cambodia), by teaching them essential employment and self-development skills

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