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Women going Beyond is an NGO founded by Alexis Alcalá (Founder of InnerCamp). WGB’s goal is to give young women in rural areas of South East Asia self and professional development skills in order to increase women empowerment and for these women to have successful lives.


Alexis stumbled upon his inspiration to create WGB while working as a life coach in Asia. The more time that he spent there, the more that he found the ever increasing gender equality gap that was prevalent in this part of the world. Seeing the reality of this situation firsthand encouraged him to brainstorm ways that he could help bring about a change to this problem. 


As he began to develop WGB, he decided to chose Cambodia as the organization’s first target country because of the striking prevalence of this gender gap in rural Cambodian areas. 


With a gender inequality ranking of #93 in the world, according to the World Economic Forum, Cambodia is not a place that allows women to grow as individuals and create better lives for themselves.


Young women are not encouraged to attend school and instead often become victims of human trafficking and prostitution because of their limited options. 


Alexis realized that women in South East Asia do not have many of the same opportunities for good careers, which could help break this cycle of injustice towards women in this country. 


So, he has made it his mission to plant seeds of change in South East Asia—not only in the minds of the women there, but also in the minds of the men and parents who do not allow these women to flourish as people. 


WGB’s goal is to give these women the tools and resources to do that, to understand that they should and will have the opportunities that they lack. That they can escape the cycle of violence and injustice that surrounds them and find a better life through the development of their own skills and talents. 

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"All women should have the power to embrace who they are, define their future and change the world."


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