Our Work

Our focus is on young women between the ages of 9-18 years old in rural areas of South East Asia. We chose this age range and location because women in rural areas, especially at these ages, are the most at risk of being abused or entering human trafficking. They tend to have the lowest self-esteem and receive the least resources to help become empowered & educated. 


Our goal is that women will gain empowerment, English skills, agricultural technology skills and computer skills to support their families and themselves. We strive to help them attain financial freedom so that they can pursue better jobs, rather than becoming the victims of human trafficking, becoming child brides, being abused or being taken into a prostitution ring. 


We will set up an after school academy that teaches young women business and entrepreneurship development skills. This program will teach basic courses in English, agricultural science and emotional education. The subjects will be split into different levels depending on the age group. The classes will take place after regular school hours weekly for two hours a day. 

Our Curriculum 

Each student will take two coursed offered by WGB. Students will also take an English class five days per week for an hour each day. 


Social & Emotional Learning

SEL courses teach skills for improving students' inner selves in order to later improve their financial and professional lives. These courses consist of learning about emotional education, relationships and self-development through music, dance, art, poetry, meditation and yoga.

Agricultural Science & Technology

These courses focus on learning technology and science pertaining to agriculture and farming with hands-on techniques and sustainable practices. These skills increase students' entrepreneurship and help aid their families.

Computer & Media

This consists of learning the basics of computer softwares, social media, how to create online platforms and web design.

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