Women Going Beyond (WGB) is an NGO   created to empower women in rural areas of SouthEast Asia (Cambodia), by teaching them essential employment and self-development skills

Our focus

is on young women between the ages of 14-18 years old in rural areas of South East Asia.  They are the most at risk of being abused or entering human trafficking. They tend to have the lowest self-esteem and receive the least resources to help 

become empowered & educated. ​

The goal is to ensure that women become empowered by learning self-development and essential employment skills such as literacy skills, vocational English skills and financial skills. These skills teach women how to support themselves and their families.

We strongly advocate women’s rights and gender equality as we strive to help women attain financial freedom so that they can pursue better jobs, rather than becoming the victims of human trafficking, child brides, abuse or being taken into a prostitution ring.

Our new project

Learning Going Beyond (LGB)

We have created an online learning platform that allows women to have access to professional-skills courses. These courses are available through a mobile app and are accessible offline, so that women in rural areas with limited internet can still access them.


We are also working with some local companies to understand their needs for future employees, so that we can cover the gap between what young women know and what companies require.

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LGB focuses on the province of Siemp Ream (Cambodia) because young women don´t have enough job opportunities in this particular region of the country. 

Our curriculum

We offer different courses in the "Learning Going Beyond" platform.

The students can choose which path they want follow and the platform is providing the courses needed to reach their goal.

Financial literacy

This is about learning how to navigate the financial real world. It involves teaching the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required to manage resources successfully.

These courses provide learners with essential communication skills so that our learners can fully engage in society. The courses will promote the development of critical and creative skills.

Literacy skills

Vocational English as a second language

These courses aim to teach learners how to communicate with native and non-native speakers of English in the workplace.

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