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With the purchase of our packages, you provide opportunities to acquire knowledge and certain skills to young girls who don't have fair and equal access to education in their region.

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Currently we offer qualifications in 5 key courses.

These courses are designed to offer personal development skills required by women aged 14-20 based on the industries that are most employable in the region of South East Asia and after conducting research into what courses women and girls wanted to be offered. The overarching aim is to increase financial literacy and employability.

Below is an overview of the core skills or units of each course, which are facilitated by one of our team of selected teachers.

Life skills

  One of our largest courses with 14 units. Focus is on the development of these core skills:

•    Self-esteem and managing relationships

•    Sexual and emotional health

•    Leadership skills

•    Goal setting and time management

•    Resumes and interviews

•    Fabric surface design techniques

•    Design development

•    Garment assembly

•    Adding finish

Garment production

Local cuisine.

•    Operate in a culturally diverse work environment

•    Preparation of vegetable and farinaceous dishes

•    Preparation of meat and seafood dishes

•    Preparation of breakfast items

Commercial food preparation

Starting your own business

A self-study guide.

•    Is Entrepreneurship for you?

•    What is entrepreneurship?

•    Planning for your business

•    Analyzing your marketplace

•    Funding your business

•    The marketing plan

Vocational English as a second language

•    Six different levels ranging from beginner to advanced

•    Vocabulary focused on English in the workplace

•    Ability to converse with native and non-native speakers of English


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